New features in the latest NetMan version

64-bit support and RDP

The next-generation RDP protocol provides superior performance for your application servers, reducing bandwidth requirements in your network. Support for 64-bit operating systems makes it ideal for the latest hardware configurations and greater numbers of active users per terminal server.

Resource-based load balancing

Integrated resource-based load balancing automatically ensures optimum utilization of server hardware. Thin clients can be connected to the server farm regardless of which operating system they use, so they too can take advantage of intelligent load balancing. In contrast to Microsoft load balancing, this system permits the most efficient and economical use of your existing hardware.

New server and station monitor

In addition to monitoring NetMan applications the server and station monitor shows all active sessions, including all processes running on the terminal servers and workstations, and the performance log displays the current load on the server. With these features, NetMan 4.5 replaces both Microsoft Terminal Services Management and the Task Manager in addition to offering a number of other outstanding functions.

Lowers your licensing costs

The combination of Windows Server 2008 (R2) and NetMan 4.5 enables application serving without additional software from third-party suppliers. All of the relevant functions are right there in your Windows Server 2008 and NetMan 4.5 installations – cost-intensive products as such as Citrix XenApp are no longer needed.

Reduces administrative/support workloads

The improved support for Microsoft Active Directory, as well as the new Tools in the server and station monitor, significantly reduce the amount of time spent on administration and support.