The NetMan areas of application

Versatility for All Types of Content

NetMan has the optimum solution for all of your application serving needs:

Managing applications, media and other content in a client-server network, as well as in remote-desktop environments
Serving applications, media and other content over a LAN, intranet or the Internet                             
Distributing applications to terminal devices for local execution                                                                             

One of the core functions of NetMan is to enable tailored adaptation of applications to your diverse users and system environments. The NetMan suite also compiles comprehensive records and gives you the statistical evaluation tools you need, for example, to allocate costs according to cost center, user group or department. Furthermore, NetMan‘s license management system provides centralized control of license investments where and when you need it, helping you to uncover potential for savings on licensing costs.

Centralized Administration of all Applications and Media

NetMan enables centralized management and serving not only of Windows-based applications, but of other resources as well, including URLs, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs. With NetMan, the management procedures are uniform whether you serve applications and content in a LAN, an intranet, over the Internet or in the cloud. This unique approach lets you bring together all your administrative tasks in a single interface — from allocation of user rights and software licenses to event logging and statistical usage analysis, and more. This means you, the sysadmin, no longer need a collection of different software management products.

Intuitive Integration in the Desktop Interface

NetMan provides application access right where the Windows user expects to find it: in the Start menu (even in Windows 8) or on the desktop. An optional web interface is available, too, if you want to have users launch their apps in a browser. NetMan can display all applications identically, whether they are installed locally or execute on a terminal server.

Versatility and Individuality

NetMan shows each user only those applications to which the required access privileges have been assigned – for example, according to department or business unit. Your access controls are applied no matter whether the user uses the Start menu, a desktop icon, or the web browser to launch applications. The security settings in NetMan also prevent users from accessing programs in other ways (e.g., through Help files). NetMan handles not only the presentation of applications, but also the adaptation to individual user and system requirements. With NetMan, no complicated programming of batch files or scripts is needed. You can simply point & click to choose from the extensive array of predefined actions and conditions and have them executed whenever the application is launched. Thus NetMan lets you adapt and serve applications in a network environment with minimum effort and maximum flexibility.

Unlimited Access to Applications and Content

With the new HTML5 client, NetMan offers an additional, web-based access to applications, media and other content. With no client-side installation necessary, you can use the HTML5 client to enable access from any terminal device – and all of your conditions and access rights for application launch as defined in NetMan are applied! User authorization is contingent upon your choice of either the user login defined in NetMan or, for known devices, on the client IP address.

NetMan and Windows Remote Desktop Session Hosts — a Powerful Team

Ever since Windows Terminal Server technology was first introduced, NetMan has been providing the ideal complement for this functionality. For example, NetMan has its own intelligent load balancing utility that monitors CPU and memory loads to get the most efficient use out of the existing hardware infrastructure. Moreover, NetMan expands the functionality of Windows Remote Desktop Session Hosts (formerly „Terminal Services“), which may give some admins the option of putting off a costly operating system upgrade.
When used with Citrix XenApp, too, NetMan facilitates application management and presentation. Both the RDP and ICA protocols are supported – whether implemented per server, per workstation or per user is up to you.