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For easy provision of access to information and applications over the network.

Meet all the diverse requirements of your systems and your users with uniform application-serving procedures.

Modern application and information management

The demands of modern application management have today‘s IT administrators walking a tightrope between the need for uniform, efficient and low-cost application serving on the one hand and the expectations of end-users on the other, who want high flexibility and customization. Moreover, installing the applications in the first place is becoming more complex every day: imperative system settings or specific drive mapping requirements entail substantial changes in existing systems, and can lead to conflicts that make your various software products mutually incompatible.

To meet these challenges, you need management software that can handle the heterogeneous requirements of diverse systems and users while giving you a homogeneous method for serving applications and other resources. You need NetMan!

NetMan supports you, the system administrator, every step of the way from installation and serving to administration and maintenance of all your applications and media on the network.

Corporate news

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