The NetMan function list

Cross media application management Seamless application integration in the Windows desktop
Dynamic desktop elements Role-based user views
Point-and-click application integration Centrally defined startup and and shutdown configurations
Integration of CDs / DVDs 64-bit support
Dynamic drive mapping Integrated license management
License queue Application timeout
Lock-IDs Improved Internet access control
Real-time monitors New server and station monitor
Statistical analysis Monitor for real-time diagnosis
Inventory features Automatic client update
User rights and user group rights Station rights and station group rights
Support for Windows operating systems ICA and RDP Support
RDP 7 Support for thin clients
RemoteApps Station-based RemoteApps
Published content Anonymous users
Application-based load balancing Resource-based load balancing
Pass-through authentication / Single Sign On Seamless windows
Session sharing Content redirection
Application-specific session parameters RDP ticketing
Session-specific access control Advanced access control
Universal printer driver Bandwidth and access management for universal printers
Integration in the Web browser Support for Windows operating systems
Support for Mac OS X and LINUX Dynamic page elements
Role-based views New presentation of applications in webbrowser like in the Windows-Explorer
SSL encryption SSL gateway
Catalog Customized graphical design
Authentication to external user databases Fully automatic software distribution
SnapShot and comparison Detailed file monitoring
Monitoring subtrees and subpaths Editable properties
Local access control